Lost River Meats

Products: homemade sausages and salami

Markets: Ketchum and Hailey

Lin’s business started when he and a friend made wild game salami and German sausage in 1980 for themselves and some friends. So many folks wanted the sausage that in 1992 he built a sausage factory and in 1994 they decided to apply for a USDA permit so they could sell their handmade sausages. Today Lin is the sole owner of Lost River Meats located in Mackay, ID and he makes over 20 different varieties of sausages and salami. These include chicken apple a favorite of many, and 4 different kinds of Italian sausages. The original hand crank sausage stiffer has given way to a 100 lb pressure stuffer, but the sausages are still twisted and made by hand. Lost River Meats still mixes their own spices and because of their USDA status they make sausages for vendors at the markets. All casings are natural hog and lamb casings. Help yourself to samples at Lin’s booth and take home a variety to cook for dinner.

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