Classic Lines Pottery

Classic Lines Pottery

Products: Pottery

Market: Ketchum

Classic Lines Pottery artist and crafter Michael Sowers features hand made high fired functional pottery. With more than 30 years experience throwing clay on a wheel, close attention is paid to detail and functionality and all are a pleasure to handle, hold and use for everyday. Michael spends a great deal of time designing his pieces so they are fully functional. The true beauty does not reveal itself until there is interaction with the piece and its’ user. His French butter dish is a perfect example, each is designed with a wide base so they won’t tip over and spill water, they hold a quarter pound of butter (the way it comes packaged) and the lids are flat so they are stable when in use. His French butter dishes, which allows you to store butter out of the refrigerator staying fresh for up to a month, is one of his most popular items. Michael’s goal is to make the simplest things like a coffee cup into your favorite go-to first choice cup. Many customers have returned to Michael’s booth letting him know that the product they bought even if a group of four were purchased, that one of the pieces fits them just right.

Michael has a few new product lines, including travel mugs and garlic graters.


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