Wood Creations

Products: dog bowls and other wood crafts

Markets: Hailey

Jon Adams is the owner and creator of Wood Creations. Originally from Peoria, Illinois, Jon became interested in wood working when he was 12 and has kept the love of the craft it ever since. Jon started getting serious with his skill in 1990 and has been inspired ever since with the beauty and feel of different woods. He loves working with the lathe making hand turned bowls our of all different wood including walnut, cherry, mahogany, red cedar, birch and alder. He has become famous around here for his beautiful dog bowls that are elevated to make it more comfortable for your dog to eat. He has all sizes to fit the size of your dog and a variety of colors to find what you like best. Stop by and check out his beautiful work and bring home a dog bowl, you and your pet will not be disappointed.

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