Recycled Glassware Co.


Product Type: recycled glassware

Market: Ketchum

Recycled Glassware Company was established in January 2010 in Boise by Mitch Maciona and Lisa Stover. Their intentions were to create an alternative and modern glassware business made from post consumer glass. It has since evolved into various products including vases, earrings, lighting, bowls, and chipped glass for decoration. Using only non-toxic solvents, a little water and electricity makes their business earth conscious and reverse carbon sustainable as possible. All the glass used in 100% post consumer products meant for one use then discarded, they turn these products into elegant, beautiful, useful household items that can be used again and again. They make great gifts and are so pleasing to the eye as well as in your hand and home. Stop by check the affordable products out and take home a set of glasses or other product.

Recycled Glassware tent at the market



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