Agrarian Harvest

Products: organically certified vegetables, eggs, pork, chicken, beef

Markets: Hailey

Agrarian Harvest is a small, family farm in Buhl, ID owned and operated by John and Becky Klimes. John and Becky both grew up on a farm with a passion for taking care of the land and animals. They started out raising laying hens and broilers with the business name Snake River Poultry. Over the years, they felt a need to take better care of the land and grow healthier wholesome food not just for their own family, but for as many people as they could reach locally in Idaho. They expanded their production to include mixed produce, pork, beef, along with chicken and eggs and sought organic certification. With more farm production and diversifying into pork and beef, they changed their business name to Agrarian Harvest. Their farm is now diverse in livestock, poultry, produce and herbs. John and Becky are now animal welfare approved and certified organic by the Idaho State Department of Agriculture.

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