Carol Rast – Prairie Sun Farm

Fairfield is home to Prairie Sun Farm, and Jeff and Carol Rast. What began as a backyard garden passion for them eventually grew into over a 1-acre garden. Specializing in items ideal for farmers market and restaurant sales, you’ll find Carol in a protective sun bonnet every Tuesday at the Ketchum farmers market.

Using natural methods (strictly organic, but not certified on paper), she and Jeff engage in sustainable land practices. Wise resource allocation is their priority.

At her table you can expect to find lettuce, mixed greens, radishes, several varieties of herbs, some eggs, jellies, jams, honey, small loaf breads (the Pumpkin chocolate-chip sells like hotcakes), and even her own dog treats. Come late June she’ll also have peas, beans and strawberries. Tiny cups of cherry tomatoes arrive in August, despite her allergy to tomatoes (she wears plastic gloves to pick and sell them!).

Make sure to purchase a big bag of her carrots – many of her vegetables and herbs are heirloom and specialty varieties. The carrots are so naturally sweet they are the perfect afternoon snack.

During the winter, Carol teachers Kindergarten through 8th grade in Fairfield, where Jeff also coaches and teaches. She also currently sells through Idaho’s Bounty, and to several restaurants in the Wood River Valley.

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