Bow Wow Bars

Products: dog food

Market: Ketchum

Terry and Anne are the creators of Bow Wow Bar new to the market this season. Once Terry moved here from San Francisco 14 years ago she became involved with the Animal Shelter and the dog world. Terry co-produced The Summer of Labs event in 2001, The Dog and Pony Show in 2004, and helped create Fortunate Dog Cookies, which won the Dog Friendly Magazine “Most Unique New Pet Product for 2005″.

During Terry’s term on the Animal Shelter Board, she helped develop the Education Program, as well as running the Shelter Booth for the SV and Ketchum Arts and Crafts Fair.

Terry is constantly On The Go with Lucky who is a Therapy dog for the 6th grade reading program. BOW WOW BAR is their latest doggy endeavor. The bar is convenient and fits perfectly with their on the go lifestyle..a person who always has a dog in the car or by my side.

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